Saturday, September 27, 2008

Latest cards

My latest creations, in the shop now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

And now, to make you laugh.....

You must visit this blog. You must. I have not laughed so much or so hard in a very long time as I did at this blog. It's not just the pictures, which in and of themselves are fantastic, it's her commentary on them.

Run, don't walk to this blog and laugh yourself silly. Go on now, run.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My first award

Wow, I feel honored! Anna over at Half An Acre (fabulous blog, I highly recommend it if you haven't checked it out before!) gave me a blogging award. I feel special....or is that pretty? Oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty....what? Oh sorry.....

Here's the lovely award

And now, I'm supposed to pick 6 blogs to give the award, here goes

Jill Jill Bo Bill
Keeping Up With The Joneses
Liz Edgar
Cooking from the Market

And, well, I've been trying to figure who the other 2 should be....and I can't. I lost my list of blogs when I changed the layout of this one and I've been too lazy to try to find them all again. So, it'll have to just be 4 for me. I'm a blog award giver failure.

To the 4 I did award, you're supposed to pass it along now. Copy the award to your computer and then pass along in a post on your blog. Try not to follow my example and give it to the whole 6 (I'll let you know if the blog police come after me).

Thanks Anna, you made my day!

I've been awful

About blogging. There's just been so many other things to do lately. But, I'm going to try to be better and get back to how I was before.

I've been busy in the craft room and my daughter started kindergarten a few weeks ago. We're gearing up for her birthday party soon. It's amazing how life just gets in the way of everything.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh my.....

I've been in a kind of craft slump the last few weeks. Just haven't felt like getting into the craft room and designing. I've been playing the Sims a lot since I have the new expansion pack. It was also my daughter's first week of kindergarten so there's been books to read and paperwork to fill out.

Well, the slump is over. I was in there last night and I have 10 or so cards to show for it. I'm hoping to get most of them photographed today and will start listing them as soon as I can. I feel so much better! I'm going to start on Christmas cards tonight.