Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rainy Days

We were supposed to be getting some rain this weekend here is San Diego but I don't see a cloud in the sky. I'm kind of sad, I was looking forward to some cooling rain and a break in the temperature. Instead, I had to turn on the fans at 8:45am and it looks like it's going to be HOT again today.

So, I made my own rainy day.

Rainy Day Mate by remarkablebird (middle picture)

(clockwise from upper left)

rainy day print by missbrigette

Rainy cloud - Hand painted polymer clay rain blue pendant by joojooland

Rainy Day. Pick Your Palette Scrapbook Sheet by studio71design

rainy days by stripeymonkey

Rainy Day Fun print by artsyorange

Rainy Day gift card set of 6 by RedLetterStudio

RAINY DAYS SCARF by pukashell

Rainy Day In Lollipop Land - 20X16 acrylic by SEJartist

Puddle Jumper by paxattacks

Rainy day chrysanthemum - Art Print by crimsonpeachyart

Squirrel In The Rain Brooch by humblebea



suzanne said...

Thank you for including my Rainy Day Mate in such a wonderful collection of artist. I love you cards too. What a talent you have. I too live here in San Diego and miss the London rain. I am praying for a wet winter and cooler weather soon! What a wonderful blog post!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including my brooch! (-:


stripeymonkey :) said...

hello... thank you so much for including my rainy day necklace in your lovely blog :) so many interesting things to see, i love to find new blogs to read.. and your banner is gorgeous, what a lovely photo

linda :)

Red Letter Studio said...

Deanna, thanks for including my cards in your sweet little Rainy Day selection!!! we are leaving the Rainy Days behind now in Melbourne and heading into summer! weeee!!!!!!!!!!

~ Samone

Jenni Horne said...

Thanks for including me in your collection! We've had quite a bit of rain here....maybe my print will bring you some luck then! I look forward to looking over your blog.

JooJoo said...

What a lovely rainy collection!! Thanks a lot for including my pendant!!