Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ink and glue

My hands were covered in ink and glue just a few minutes ago.....a sure sign of a successful night of card making.

I started working on my samples for the Little Black Box. I'm planning on sending in my little mini TY cards for the November box. Fingers crossed that it will bring in some more business. I want to buy one for myself soon. They just look like so much fun.

The mini cards have become my go to item for promotion. I just love that they are fairly easy to make and they use up some of my scrap paper. If you could see my scrap paper pile, you'd understand. Oh wait, you can!

It's out of control! I need to find a better solution but I can't come up with anything....

I also made a couple of other cards. Hopefully, I'll get pictures of them tomorrow so I can get them listed.

I've washed my hands so they aren't sticking to the keyboard, in case you were wondering!