Friday, August 15, 2008


I feel like such a lump this week. I’ve been watching the Olympics every night and staying up far too late every night. They don’t get to the really good stuff (gymnastics and swimming) until almost 10pm and some nights, I just can’t tear myself away until 11. I’ve been DVRing the rest since it’s been going until 1:30am!

It’s been amazing so far. Michael Phelps is a fish!

I have actually working while watching. I’ve been decoupaging some picture frames. 3 large ones that are a custom order through work. 2 small ones that will end up in the shop as soon as they are done. I also made 2 more Halloween cards last night. I wasn’t going to make anymore but they’ve been selling pretty well and I just got some more cute Halloween paper…..

I’m starting to feel like I’m totally behind because I don’t have any Christmas cards made yet. There’s been a lot of chatter lately in the Etsy forums about card sets so I think I’m going to attempt to make a few myself. I’ve never done sets, just single cards. But having sets make sense for Christmas cards. My plan is to come up with a couple of simple designs and just do a production line of them. Fingers crossed that it works!