Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CPSC regulations

While this legislation doesn't affect my products, it does affect a lot of other Etsians so I thought I'd mention it.

There is a law due to take effect on Feb 10, 2009 that requires anyone who produces children's products meant for 12 and under to test their products for lead. Sounds good, right? No one wants lead in things their kids are using. However, the way the law is written it blindly requires testing from everyone, no matter what they make. This means everyone who makes kids clothing or diapers or burp cloths. Most fabrics contain no lead whatsoever, yet it will still need to be tested. Not just the garment (diaper, burp cloth, etc) but each component will have to be tested separately. Meaning the zipper and the buttons and the lace and the fabric. Each test will have to be performed by a 3rd party lab at the cost up to $180 per item, per test.

This legislation will put a lot of small, homegrown businesses out of business. It needs to be rewritten. If this legislation will affect you, I urge you to write to your congressman and senators.

Here is a petition that you can sign:

And here's a forum thread on Etsy that is about this issue